Abstracts Application 4 REAHRC

Dear UHRN Members,

Warm greetings from Uganda Harm Reduction Network Secretariat,

We are proud to invite you to submit your Abstracts for the upcoming first Regional Eastern Africa Harm Reduction Conference (1st REAHRC) in November 2017. The event will bring together all those at the heart of Harm Reduction in the Region.

For three days there will be presentations, workshops, panel discussions, community village networking events and many more.

Being the first of its Kind in the region, the Conference in being hosted by our partners KNCO and their Partners at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. East Africa is beginning to wake up to a forward looking approach in Harm reduction and rug policies, the progress is slow, in response the REAHRC will help build a movement that will learn, share and benefit from policies based on human rights and dignity.

Conference Objectives:

  • To share knowledge and experience in Harm reduction
  • Inter-sectorial debate to define the value of harm reduction policies in the region and Africa
  • To share different strategies in harm reduction programing
  • Creation of action plans to follow-up on outcomes of the conference and reinforce partnerships
  • To mainstream harm reduction discussion among policy makers and institutions

Expected outputs:

  • A high-level statement from the Ministries Represented
  • Following-up action plans on Harm reduction programming in the Countries represented
  • Partnership for following-up initiatives
  • Regional partnership and networking for harm reduction advocacy

For Full event details & abstract submission information, Visit the link here: Concept-English-sadpw 

NB: If you need any support like reviewing your abstracts before submission you can contact us on;  Email: sajuna@ugandaharmreduction.org / syrus.uhrn@gmail.com / muhweziedward2@gmail.com  , Tel: 0704 393 161 /  0752 394 880

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