Our Programs

UHRN’s Comprehensive Package of HIV and Harm Reduction interventions for People Who Use Drugs.

  1. HIV prevention, treatment and care programs 
    • Mobilization for HIV testing and Counselling
    • Referral  and Linkages for ART
    • Adherence support and follow-ups
    • Condom distribution
    • PrEP screening  and Linkage
  2. Harm reduction Programs 
    • Needle and Syringe exchange Programs (NSP)
    • Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Screening and Linkage
  3. Prevention and management of co-infections and other comorbidities
    • Viral hepatitis
    • Tuberculosis
    • Other mental health conditions
  4. Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions
    • Referral for STI screening, diagnosis and treatment
    • Access to range of reproductive options
  5. Information, Education and Communication for people who use drugs.

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