Advocacy and Knowledge Management Programme

This programme aims at building local, national and international partnerships for a stronger advocacy voice to develop a supportive environment for the implementation and expansion of harm reduction programmes for People Who Use Drugs (sex workers, youth and IDUs) in Uganda. Through media-based advocacy, public awareness, social mobilization and coalition building, the program seeks to mobilize public support, influence policy, and promote beliefs, attitude and practice change in favour of People Who Use Drugs. The program prioritizes local 
partnerships to improve access to key services, including legal aid and HIV/AIDS comprehensive treatment care and support services. It also works with local, national and international networks to support research, documentation and evidence based-advocacy. The knowledge management unit takes a lead on knowledge generation and documentation of program evidence to support advocacy initiatives.

This component focuses on commissioning the generation and documentation of new knowledge, program achievements, lessons learned and good practices from programs and ensures the appropriate packaging and dissemination to different audiences including the Government of Uganda, development partners, civil society, private sector and other general users at local, regional and international levels. It also facilitates information sharing among network members. The program specifically seeks to:

  • Commission research, document and expose People Who Use Drugs human rights violations through advocacy.
  • Document program evidence, package and disseminate publications, videos and other materials to appropriate audiences
  • Develop promotional material to raise awareness on the issues concerning People Who Use Drugs in Uganda and attract new members.
  • Provide members with information and opportunities to participate in UHRN activities.
  • Disseminate regular updates and briefing papers to UHRN members
  • Implement new information communication technologies for sharing information that strengthen advocacy and capacity at local, regional and international levels.

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