Health, Rights and Empowerment Programme

The overall goal of this program is to address the health challenges People Who Use Drugs experience in accessing quality health services. Harassment and inhumane detention by police and other law enforcement agents have lead to a widespread of human rights violations of People Who Use Drugs and also lead to “drug use” going “underground” increasing the likelihood of People Who Use Drugs to engage in high-risk drug using behaviours that makes them vulnerable to harms such as HIV, SRHR, TB, Hepatitis B and C and overdose.  Fear of arrest prevents them from accessing quality and comprehensive health services because they are seen as victims of abuse, voiceless and are perceived as a violent community without rights because of their life style. The program also runs a functional adult literacy, life skills and entrepreneurship trainings aimed at enabling them to start up small income generating activities to sustain their livelihood and improving their quality of life style in Uganda. Visit the link below to view some of our arrested members(drug users):

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